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” Our policy is a Privacy . We know what you need “

Salon Kadir invites you to our Wellness & Spa Center.Where will carry you through in a privileged world.During your appointment, you will get private service and enjoy Turkish Bath & Sauna by yourselves or Family/Friends. Our professional staffs treat you like sultans since we know what you need for relaxing your body and soul with mystical music as well as  relaxing massages, and effective skin and body treatments.All facilities and service will be in privately since our mission is privacy..

Relax in the hands of our professional stylists and let yourself drift away from the daily grind of long day.

Turkish Bath

Göbektaşı And Sweating

This room is called the “Sıcaklık” (hot room). In the centre sits the big heated marble platform and
on the sides are the marble basins and bathing cubicles.
We suggest that you rest, by either sitting or laying down, for a while on the marble platform for sweating.
Those are the characteristic moments of a Turkish bath. The steam and sweating,
that wakes up every cell of your body for a bath, prepare you for the water. You are now ready for a bath…

Self Service Bath
After you have rested and sweated as much as you wish you may scrub yourself and walk to one of the marble basins and,
bath using the traditional copper bath bowls and the beautiful smelling special Turkish Bath soaps.

Scrubbing,Bubbles And Bath

We will give you an exquisite scrub and massage for 15 minutes; every cell of your body will start to breath, your blood circulation will speed up, you will loose the dead cells and re-vitalize. After the scrub and massage leave yourself to the masterful water and let our attendant wash you at the marble basin.
You are where the water touches your soul…


You must leave yourself on proffesional hands feel how your body gets happy through soft movements

Massage with oil made of flower essences specially produced for Our Turkish Bath, will relive you from stress; you will feel relaxed and peaceful. Pleasant aromas will touch your body and soul

    Price List 

  Turkish bath —— 60 Min : 25 $

  Foam Massage —– 35 Min: 35 $

  Sauna  (free whit Bath )

  Full Body Massage —30 Min : 45$      60 Min : 65$

  Hair cut : 50 TL       Blow Dry : 30 TL (wash +10 TL)
  Shave :20 TL

  Manicure :40 TL     Pedicure :50 TL       Full Body Waxing :100 TL  

  Hair Color :150 TL (One Color)   Highlights : 250 TL (Beginning Price )







 Salon Kadir Wellness & Spa & Beauty in Sultanahmet Istanbul 

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